From an author's perspective, START V2 is very user-friendly. When an author submits a paper/abstract, START responds with two confirmations: one in the browser interface, and another via email. The initial submission need only consist of the vital registration information, for example, the author names, the title of the submission, a contact email address, etc. Or, it can contain a short summary of the submission, along with the "vital information". Or, it can contain a full-paper submission, along with the summary and "vital information". Depending on your instructions, you can phase the submission procedure as you wish - and then, within these guidelines, the authors can continue to refine submissions up to the deadline. When an author makes an update, this does not result in creating a "new submission"; rather, it just refines the currently logged submission. If new data is entered, or if a new submission manuscript is submitted, it just over-writes the corresponding old information.