There are several types of licensing arrangements available for START V2, reflecting the wide diversity of user requirements. The most commonly requested license is for a single-event, i.e., for one year's meeting of a conference or workshop. The price for this type of license is very reasonable, considering the usefulness of the software (and the service provided). Our users always mention this fact: that START V2 is a bargain.

Multiple-use licenses are also available. For example, you may want to use START for several meetings of the same conference. Or, you may want to use START for several different conferences, over some finite period of time. The marginal per-use price gets progressively discounted, as the number of contracted events grows. In other words, for a multi-use license, START V2 becomes even a bigger bargain.

Any order of START V2 will include free support and free upgrades, over the period of the license.

Due to the variety of license options, you should personally contact the developers - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - about using START V2. In your mail, please describe your needs, and please include any questions you have regarding the product. You'll get a prompt response, which will include the price for the type of usage you have in mind.

Then, you can make your decision about using START V2. When you decide to order the system, you'll get it immediately. In the case of a hosted server, it will be activated instantly - as soon as you request to have it activated. If you want a "download license", you will receive a download link (with username/password), along with instructions for installation. Then, a bill will follow later on, payable within 60 days of the invoice.

If you want to demo the system before making a decision, let us know (by sending mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We will be happy to set up a short-term demo server for you, if you would like to evaluate the product first.

START V2 will make your life a lot easier - that much is guaranteed.