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Important: NOCS 2008 is running a blind review process. In preparing your manuscript, do not include any information which could reveal your identity, or that of your co-authors. The title section of your manuscript should not contain any author names, email addresses, or affiliation status. If you do include any author names on the title page, your submission will be automatically rejected. In the body of your submission, you should eliminate all direct references to your own previous work. That is, avoid phrases such as "this contribution generalizes our results for XYZ". Also, please do not disproportionately cite your own previous work. In other words, make your submission as anonymous as possible. We need your cooperation in our effort to maintain a fair, blind reviewing process - and to consider all submissions equally.

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Please identify all potential committee members and reviewers who should not review this submission, due to having a conflict of interest with you or any of your co-authors. It is crucial that you fill in this section as carefully as possible, and that you do so in consultation with all of your co-authors.

We define a conflict of interest as one of the following:

Reviewer checklist: Please carefully examine the list of names below, and check-off any of the people who should not review this submission, due to a conflict of interest with one of the authors.

 Tapani Ahonen     Federico Angiolini     John Bainbridge     Twan Basten   
 Luca Benini     Davide Bertozzi     Matthias Blumrich     Luca Carloni   
 Karam Chatha     Fabien Clermidy     Chita Das     Giovanni De Micheli   
 Adam Donlin     Petru Eles     Eby Friedman     Shinobu Fujita   
 Steve Furber     Ran Ginosar     Kees Goossens     Andreas Hansson   
 Axel Jantsch     Avinoam Kolodny     Shashi Kumar     Partha Kundu   
 Marcello Lajolo     Bill Lin     Riccardo Locatelli     Pol Marchal   
 Radu Marculescu     Philippe Martin     Lotfi Mhamdi     Robert Mullins   
 Srinivasan Murali     Jari Nurmi     Li-Shiuan Peh     Frederic Petrot   
 Anand Raghunathan     Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli     Li Shang     Gerard Smit   
 Jens Sparsoe     Brian Towles     Carlos Valderrama     Drew Wingard   
 Wayne Wolf     Alex Yakovlev     Sudhakar Yalamanchili     Hoi-Jun Yoo   

Additional conflicts: The committee may call on external reviewers to help evaluate your submission. These reviewer names may not appear in the list above. Therefore, we also request that you identify any other conflicts of interest you can think of. Specifically, you should list anybody you know of who works in an area related to NOCS, and who has a conflict of interest with either you or one of your co-authors. (You do not need to include your own author names in this list.)

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Type (or cut-and-paste) a short ASCII abstract for your submission. It should not include the author/title information, which was already entered above. You must enter plain ASCII text only, and you may not exceed 150 words.


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If your paper is ready now, you can optionally include it with the abstract submission, via this form. (If your paper is not yet ready, then please ignore this section.) Note that you will be able to revise your submission until the full paper deadline expires.

Your submission must be in Adobe PDF (pdf) format, and the file name should end with the appropriate MIME extent (i.e., "pdf".). For example, your file could have a name such as "mypaper.pdf". If desired, the file may also be compressed in any standard format, with MIME extent corresponding to the compression type (eg., pdf.gz for a gzipped pdf file, etc.).

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Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission. Check all categories that seem appropriate.

Network architecture
Case study
Modeling and simulation
Physical design
Circuit design
Link design
Router design
Application mapping
Programming model
Chip Multiprocessor
Quality of service
FPGA and structured ASIC

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