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Before submitting your paper, please make sure that it satisfies all of the items on this checklist:

1. This paper is not simultaneously under review by another conference or journal.
2. The paper is no longer than 14 8.5"x11" pages.
3. The paper uses 10 point type on 12 point (single-spaced) leading.
4. All text and figures must fit a text block 6.5" wide x 9" deep.
5. Pages are numbered.

Papers not meeting these criteria will be rejected without review, and no deadline extensions will be granted for reformatting.

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Please enter the complete list of authors for your submission, in the order in which they will appear on the abstract. You can add as many author slots as you want, to accommodate the total number of authors for your submission.

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Conflicts of Interest:

Please identify all potential committee members and reviewers who should not review this submission, due to having a conflict of interest with you or any of your co-authors. It is crucial that you fill in this section as carefully as possible, and that you do so in consultation with all of your co-authors.

Reviewer checklist: Please carefully examine the list of names below, and check-off any of the people who should not review this submission, due to a conflict of interest with one of the authors. (This also includes the names of any co-authors, if they appear below.)

 Martin Abadi     Atul Adya     Marcos Aguilera     Mary Baker   
 Paul Barham     Brian Bershad     Hans Boehm     Brad Calder   
 Miguel Castro     Brad Chen     Fred Douglis     Peter Druschel   
 Ulfar Erlingsson     Alexandra Fedorova     Armando Fox     Garth Gibson   
 Andy Glew     Mohammad Haghighat     Rebecca Isaacs     John Janakiraman   
 Kevin Jeffay     Chris Kantarjiev     Terence Kelly     Emre Kiciman   
 Chip Killian     Ed Lee     John MacCormick     Derek McAuley   
 Kirk McKusick     Greg Minshall     Jeff Mogul     Suman Nath   
 Ramesh Peri     Rob Pike     Venugopalan Ramasubramanian     Patrick Reynolds   
 Mema Roussopoulos     Chris Sadler     Stefan Savage     Mehul Shah   
 Anmol Sheth     Dawn Song     Suresh Srinivas     Christopher Stewart   
 Ion Stoica     Doug Terry     Chandu Thekkath     Amin Vahdat   
 Robbert van Renesse     Geoff Voelker     Michael Vrable     Jim Waldo   
 Bill Weihl     Matt Welsh     Janet Wiener     Praveen Yalagandula   

Additional conflicts: The committee may call on external reviewers to help evaluate your submission. These reviewer names may not appear in the list above. Therefore, we also request that you identify any other conflicts of interest you can think of. Specifically, you should list anybody you know of who works in an area related to OSDI, and who has a conflict of interest with either you or one of your co-authors. (You do not need to include your own author names in this list.)

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Type (or cut-and-paste) a short ASCII abstract for your submission. It should not include the author/title information, which was already entered above. You must enter plain ASCII text only, and you may not exceed 300 words.


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Please use the list of topics below to characterize your submission. Check all categories that seem appropriate.

distributed systems
embedded systems
file and storage systems
measurement and analysis
mobile systems
operating systems
programming languages and systems
scheduling and resource allocation
secure systems
sensor networks
software/hardware interaction
system management
testing, verification, diagnosis

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